Portland Volvo Semi Truck Key Replacement

Volvo is the world’s second leading semi truck manufacturer. As a heavy duty truck manufacturer, they had to implement a way to keep these cabs from being stolen while making it easy for the driver to use the security system. Volvo’s unique 4 track key does exactly that. These keys are extremely difficult to duplicate, and require a specific code in order to start the vehicle. Without having the correct code, the immobilizer will kick in, preventing the ignition from turning.

High security keys available

Most models of the Volvo White semi trucks use the same 4 track key system. These types of keys look like something you’d use for a filing cabinet, but in fact are some of the most high security keys available on the market today. The fact that they use only 4 numbers instead of 8-10 like standard cars makes the combination almost limitless. By randomizing the key cuts, it is possible to make a different key for every vehicle they produce.

Laser cut key

Newer model semi truck cabs use a laser cut key. These keys are cut to a sidewinder or dimple pattern to ensure maximum security, and also include the transponder system. This system has a chip inside the key that “talks” to the semi’s computer, basically telling it that the code inside the key matches the code inside the computer. If they code is different, the key will not be able to start the semi.

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