Volkswagen is the top manufacturer of cars in both Germany and Europe, and one of the leading ones here in the US. They have 3 cars in the top 10 list of best-selling cars of all time, including the Beetle, Golf, and Passat. With 3 cars in the top 10, it stands to reason they should also have a great security system to avoid these cars being easily stolen. Immobilisers, or transponder key systems, have been mandatory in all new cars sold in Germany since January 1998.

Basic keys

Basic keys, or non transponder keys, are the most common in these types of vehicles that are older than 1998. These keys are double sided and do not require programming or a special type of wave in order to work properly. Our locksmith will take the cuts from your door lock or ignition and cut the key for you on the spot, usually within 45 minutes or less. Sometimes, however, it may take a bit longer as German cars tend to be a bit trickier than most.

Transponder keys

Transponder keys are the most common in cars between 1998-2008. These keys have a small chip inside that relays a code to the vehicles computer, disengaging the kill switch and allowing the vehicle to start. However, if the key is not programmed, or is programmed with a different code other than the computers, it will not start and will have to be reprogrammed. This system is designed to ensure no one can duplicate your key without programming it.

High security keys

High security keys are becoming the norm with newer vehicles. 2000-2006 model Volkswagen’s come with a high security transponder key that is laser cut to either a sidewinder or dimple pattern to ensure that your key is completely unique. These keys also use the transponder system, and require a special cut as well as programming in order to start the vehicle. Our Volkswagen car key replacement service can cut this key for you and get you back on the road in no time.

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volkswagen car key replacement
volkswagen car key replacement