Portland Honda Car Key Replacement

Since their inception in 1959, Honda has topped the charts as one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. With over 100 models of cars, trucks, SUV’s and motorcycles, it’s no wonder they are seen as Japan’s second largest manufacturer. So what about their security systems? Portland Honda Car Key Replacement Service have the answer! H.I.S.S., or Honda Ignition Security System, was implemented in the 1990’s to help protect against car and motorcycle theft. This system allows the key to “talk” to the computer inside the vehicle, and needs to be programmed in order to start and unlock the vehicle. If this code is not the same as the key, the ignition will become immobilized, preventing the ignition from turning.

Basic key system

Honda has many models that use a basic key system, including their most popular models such as Civic, Accord, and Odyssey. These vehicles, prior to 1998, are a plain (non-transponder) key that does not need to be programmed. These types of keys can typically be cut within 45 minutes using your vehicle’s ignition or door locks. They offer less protection, but also cost less than the two other types of keys.

Transponder = Transmitter + Responder

Transponder keys are the second most commonly used key in Honda models. Transponder comes from two words: transmitter+responder. This essentially means that your key has a chip inside of it which relays a code to the vehicle’s computer. If the code does not match what the computer has stored, the key will not turn and the car will not start. This is a security measure designed to help fight the theft of your vehicle.

Standards of Honda

High security keys, on the other hand, are becoming the standard in newer Honda models. These keys are cut to a sidewinder or dimple wave, ensuring that your key is completely unique. They also have the transponder chip inside of them, giving you twice the protection of a normal key. These keys used to be considered dealer only, but with technological advances we are able to cut a high security key for you anytime you need a Portland Honda Car Key Replacement.

Cutting any type of Honda car key

Which key you need depends on the model and year of your vehicle. Our locksmiths are experts at cutting any type of Honda car key replacement you need on the spot, and since we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’ll know you can count on us to get you back on the road in no time.

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