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Have you been looking for a Portland Ford Car Key Replacement Service? Whether you need a new key for you car, truck or SUV, we’ve got you covered. There are three types of keys: basic, transponder, and high security. Which key you have depends on the year and model of your vehicle. Our expert team of technicians can cut a key for you on the spot, as well as program it if need be.

What is a basic key?

Older Ford models, generally between 1990-2000 are going to be a basic key. A basic key is a metal key that does not require programming or a special cut, and can generally be created within 30 minutes or less. In order to cut a basic key, the locksmith will take the cuts from either the door lock or ignition to ensure that the key is being cut to your specific locks. Each key varies from car to car, and this is one of the main security features of older model vehicles.

Transponder keys

Ford transponder keys are a little more complex than a basic key. Transponder keys are cut the same as basic, but require programming in order for it to be able to unlock or start your vehicle. Programming a transponder key is basically telling the computer in your vehicle that they key is the correct key for the vehicle and to not enact the kill switch. This type of key is in most Ford models ranging from 2000 and up. Transponder keys can be cut and programmed on the spot.

High security keys

Ford high security keys are the trickiest of them all. High security keys have a different cut than both basic and transponder, but also need to be programmed to your vehicle. These high security keys are now coming standard in 2013-2016 Ford models. High security keys, or laser cut keys, are cut to a specific “snake” or “dimple” to ensure that only your key is able to start your vehicle. In some vehicles, they are able to turn on with a push start using a key fob. This fob contains a tiny key blade inside the remote that allows the vehicle to talk to your computer. Portland Ford Car Key Replacement Service able to cut any Ford model high security key, and we do it for less than the dealership!

We’ve got you covered!

Whichever type of key your Ford vehicle has, Portland Ford Car Key Replacement Service got you covered. Call us today for your Ford car key replacement needs. We are available 24 hours  a day, 7 days a week.

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