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Audi’s are notorious for being a luxury vehicle, so you can probably guess that most newer Audi’s have top of the line security systems. Their keys are no exception. While older model Audi’s tend to have a basic key, meaning a key that does not need to be programmed, they started implementing the transponder system around 1998. This system makes it harder for thieves to duplicate your key or steal your vehicle, giving you and your car more protection. This system combined with an alarm are two ways this company has changed the way we see vehicle security forever.

Basic Portland Audi Car Key Replacement is not complicated

Portland Audi Car Key Replacement is not complicated, but not very common, either. If you have an Audi that is older than 1998, you probably have a basic key. This key does not need to be programmed and can generally be cut within 45 minutes using your vehicles door lock or ignition key cuts. To be able to tell whether or not you have a basic key, look at the top of the key. If there is no cover or you know it does not have a chip inside, you have a basic key.

Transponder keys are a little more complex

Transponder keys are a little more complex. The word transponder comes from two different words: transmitter + responder. This system makes sure that the key being used to start the vehicle matches the code inside your cars computer. If the code does not match, the car will not start. This is a system designed to lessen the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen by a different key. Each car has a unique code that needs to be programmed once the key has been cut.

High security keys

High security keys are the most common for luxury vehicles, and Audi is no different. Almost every car they’ve produced since 2000 is a high security key. These keys are specially designed to guarantee no other key, including keys from the same year and model as yours, can start your vehicle. This special key wave combined with a transponder system is the highest security available on the market today. These keys are cut to either a “snake” or “dimple” pattern and have generally been considered dealer only. Portland Audi Car Key Replacement are pleased to announce that we can now cut any Audi Car Key Replacement for you on the spot.

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audi car key replacement
audi car key replacement