Laser Cut Keys

Acura is typically considered the upper end of middle class vehicles. As a subsidiary of Honda, these cars were first introduced to the United States in 1986 and holds the distinction of being the first Japanese automotive luxury brand. While not as expensive as Lexus or BMW, these cars offer the same high security system as their competitors. While they didn’t implement the transponder system until about 1998, almost every model car they’ve made since is either a transponder or a laser cut key. These keys provide more advanced security against theft than the traditional basic keys.

Basic Keys – No Need To Program

Portland Acura Car Key Replacement for basic keys is relatively simple in the fact that they do not have to be programmed. These types of keys come with most vehicles prior to 1998, including the Legend, Integra, MDX models and more. The locksmith will take the cuts from either your ignition or door lock and cut both sides of the key to ensure that it works properly with your vehicle.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are the most common for this type of car. Transponder keys are like basic keys except in the fact that they need to be programmed with your vehicle’s computer in order to unlock and start your vehicle. This type of security ensures that even if someone were to duplicate your key, without programming it the car will refuse to start. You can tell if you have a transponder key if there is a chip inside the black plastic piece on the top of the key.

High Security Keys

High security keys are the most complex system for any Acura car key replacement. Along with the transponder system, these keys are cut in a sidewinder or dimple pattern to ensure that your key is uniquely yours. With thousands of patterns and codes, the likelihood of someone else being able to start your car with their key is slim to none. These types of keys are becoming standard for all models from 2008 and up.

Whichever type of key you need, our expert locksmiths are available 24/7 to cut it for you on the spot. Call us today for all of your Acura car key replacement needs.

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