What to Do During a Car Lock Out Situation

emergency car lock outLocking yourself out of your car can be a big problem especially if you have to go somewhere within a few hours or if you think that you are somewhere unsafe. Unlike house locks, you will likely have minimal to no chances of opening your car door especially if you have no tools to do so. You will also likely be more hesitant in opening your car door forcefully since you are afraid of damaging your car door and your car paint, which are quite expensive to repair.

But with a little bit of know-how, you may open your car door during a lock out. There are some methods that have been tried to open car doors and most are successful. You might want to try them out in case of a car lock out instead of immediately calling an auto locksmith though it is by far the best option especially if you don’t want to risk damaging your car.

What to Do When You Accidentally Lock Yourself Out of Your Car

Listed below are some tips and step by step procedure on how to unlock your own car when you accidentally lock your car keys inside and have no spare ones.

  • Shoestring Method

Of the easiest methods that you can use to unlock your car door is the shoestring method. You just need to make a loop that can be tightened in the middle of your shoestring and slide it in the space between the car door and the car door frame. Pull the string when the loop wraps around the lock and pull the string upwards.

This method is applicable to older types of lock that needs to be pulled up to unlock. For other kinds of lock, you might need to call for an auto locksmith to unlock your car door.

  • Wire Hanger Method

If you are lucky enough to find a wire hanger, you can straighten the wire and make a hook at one end. Slide the wire hanger between the window glass and the weather stripping and locate the locking mechanism. Once you feel it with the wire, pull up to unlock your car. It may take a few tries but it works.

This also works on older type of car door locks only so it is best to call for a locksmith if your car has a newer locking mechanism.

If you are unsuccessful in unlocking your car door on your own, it would be best to just call for locksmith service. This will prevent you from damaging your car and will also ensure that your car’s locking mechanism is not damaged.

Just make sure that you ask for identification to ensure that you are hiring a trustworthy locksmith staff. You should also provide identification and proof of ownership of your car before the crew work on your car.

Calling the professionals is far better than risking your safety and damaging your vehicle. If you are unsure on what to do, it is best to phone a trusty auto locksmith to do the work for you.