Things to Do When You Break Your Car Key inside the Car Lock

broken key in ignitionYou are in a hurry and you accidentally broke your car key when you inserted it inside your car lock or the ignition switch. That could be one of the most frustrating things that you will encounter all day or even all year. It’s one thing to get yourself locked out of your car. What more when you accidentally break your car key and have no spare?

Breaking Your Car Key inside the Lock or Ignition

When you accidentally broke your key when inserted into your car door lock or ignition switch, the last thing that you want to do is panic and get mad. Yes, it is truly frustrating especially if you have no spare key. But, you won’t be able to think straight when you let your frustration get ahead of you.

Try the tips listed below to save your car and your key and also be able to have another car key immediately.

  • Use Tweezers

If you are still in your garage, you would want to find tweezers to get your keys from the car lock or the ignition switch. Be careful in inserting the tweezers and pulling out the key so that you won’t accidentally damage your car lock or your ignition switch. A new car lock or a new ignition switch would be more costly than having a new key. You car keys are already broken anyway so it’s no use hurrying up.

If you are successful, you can have the key duplicated or have a new key. If there’s no way to take it out without damaging the lock or ignition, it is best to call an auto locksmith. They will take it out for you and will also do the duplicating or reproduction of a new key for you.

  • Have the Key Duplicated

Have your key duplicated so that you will have a new key and also a spare key that you can keep in your wallet or somewhere safe. If your key cannot be duplicated, you can have a new one using your car’s VIN. An auto locksmith will be able to produce a new key using the serial codes, which tells an experienced locksmith how to cut a key that will fit your car, on your car’s VIN. They will be able to determine the car key made by looking at the car’s VIN, which will make the job a lot easier.

Another method that a locksmith can use is by looking into the ignition of the car and reproducing a key that can fit in it.

Having your car duplicated even before you lose or break yours is the best way to prevent being locked out of your vehicle. Knowing your car’s VIN is also very important in case of emergencies. Another thing that you would want to remember is to have your car keys upgraded to have a chip in it to ensure that your car won’t start if a wrong car key made is inserted on the ignition. This costs extra but it can save your car from being stolen.